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Benjamin Levy
Benjamin Levy,
your personal memory coach
and author of
Remember Every Name Every Time

"Your Face Is Familiar...But..."

It's so painful...and embarassing!
Didn't you just meet this person ten minutes ago? name?

What if they're a CLIENT?
What if they're...a date?
What if you're trying to close a deal?

You can forget that now.

Any hope of doing business, falling in love, or making a new friend flies out the window when their name slipped your mind...

You didn't MEAN to insult them, they're IMPORTANT to you, however it may not seem that way to them...

But it's not your fault!

Don't you wish you could:


Now you can!

You may have recently seen Benjamin Levy on The Martha Stewart Show, demonstrating his ability to remember names -- and in just seven minutes --

teach the essentials of a great memory to people in all walks of life!

Among his other television credits are...

Fortune Magazine has profiled him three times and he has lectured on memory repeatedly at The Wharton School of Business.

Benjamin Levy is a a renowned memory expert, author and corporate entertainer for top multinational companies demonstrating his seemingly incredible memory. He is a much sought after memory trainer and speaker. Benjamin has an important message for you:

Yes, YOU can remember names...

In fact, YOU can:

And just about everything else!

Remember every name every time

How many times have you heard people say "I just can't remember names?"
How many times have YOU said it?
How often have you shied away from speaking up at work, at the PTA, school board,
town hall or other community meetings and social functions because you were afraid your memory for facts, figures, anecdotes, people and names would fail you?
After all, you DO have a terrible memory, don't you?

No, you don't.
You have a GREAT memory.
Yes, YOU.

You just never learned how to use it!
Now, for the first time, Benjamin Levy,

Reveals his Amazing Memory Secrets to everyone
in several quick and easy formats at an
incredibly low cost!

See how!

You'll be surprised!

These are the same great secrets Benjamin Levy shares with
Giant Fortune 500 companies -- who consider memory an essential skill.
to train their top executives in the art and science of memory.
Think about it!

For a TINY fraction of the fee paid by CEOs and politicians for
a series of private memory lessons,
you can have the kind of memory you've always wanted --
-- the very first day you receive the Amazing Memory Secrets Program!

And start building YOUR Amazing Memory RIGHT NOW!
Even if it's 3 a.m. in the morning!


The moment you decide to vastly increase your memory powers,
we'll ship you a copy of Benjamin Levy's REMEMBER EVERY NAME EVERY TIME.
Named one of Fortune Magazine's Most Important Business Books of all time
-- it will give you the power to remember anything you want or need to remember.

BUT -- before you decide to invest ONE CENT...or ONE MINUTE of your time in this program, listen to what people in the people in the know have to say about it:

"This is the best book on how to remember names ever written. I know because I've read just about every one of them. It's clear, concise, innovative and presents the information in a highly readable, entertaining, easy-to-understand and easy-to-learn style.  If you have only one volume about memory on your bookshelf, make it Remember Every Name Every Time, by Benjamin Levy. It's a sure winner for your business career, wherever you are on the corporate ladder."

- Harvey Mackay,
New York Times #1 best-selling author of
Swim With The Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive

"You'll never again have to say, 'I have a terrible memory for names.' "

- Jonathan M. Tisch,
Chairman and CEO,
Loews Hotels

Chosen by Fortune magazine for inclusion on their list: "The Smartest Books We Know -Fortune offers the ultimate reading list: 75 books that teach you everything you really need to know about business."

Amazingly, Benjamin has condensed the wealth of information and techniques in his book and in his memory sessions into a program that everyone can profit from -- not just business executives -- but everyone, from people who volunteer their time for charities and community organizations, to teachers, to high school and college students (whose marks and prospects depend upon how much they can remember and how easily they can remember it).

What a great gift for any student, at any time, and anyone you know who is striving for success in business and certainly, in their very first job. Whatever you do, whatever your business and social interests, this is a program that will make your life richer, more rewarding and more fun.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: It could be the most important message you'll ever get about managing your own mental health and that of your family and friends.

"The most recent scientific evidence states unequivocally that two kinds of exercise keep the brain healthy and can help to stave off the effects of Alzheimer's disease and the loss of cognitive ability as you and your loved ones grow older. Physical exercise AND MENTAL EXERCISE can delay the onset of Alzheimer's by five to 10 years."

Newsweek Magazine Health Section

Here's what was said about Benjamin's work at the world-renowned Wharton School of Business:

"Your material on learning how to remember names is an essential leadership and management skill. The MBA students who are enrolled in our programs expect their money's worth, and they've certainly received it from you. They are extremely demanding groups and your memory program combined with your wonderfully engaging style produced only the second STANDING OVATION that I've seen for a visiting presenter at Wharton."

Michael Useem
Director, Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management

Benjamin Levy's book has been selected by the editors of Fortune Magazine for inclusion in their prestigious list: "The Smartest Books We Know" -- the ultimate list of 75 books that teach you everything you really need to know about business.

It's the only memory book on the list, with hundreds to choose from! Why not learn from the best?


Great Reviews from people who've purchased Benjamin's book from

"This is the first book I found that offers advice that's clear and effective. Maybe it works so well because the book is a great the long run, I'll bet that REMEMBER EVERY NAME EVERY TIME turns out to be more valuable than the last 10 business books I've read because it's not about theory, it's about practical skill that can result in real benefits."

- R. Dobelli


"This is an exceptionally good book for learning effective techniques to remember names. You'll never have to say "I have a terrible memory for names" again! I've been using Benjamin Levy's ideas now for about three weeks and I'm really having fun connecting with people at work, at parties, dinners and weddings, in ways I've never done before. The tone of the book is just right with very funny, good examples. Mr. Levy encourages you to use your imagination in ways that make meeting people memorable and enjoyable. His style is engagingly self-deprecating, very approachable and readable."

- D.P. Harvey


"Immediately after reading Remember Every Name Every Time, I built better relationships with people I normally would take for granted. For example, last week I made the decision that I would remember the names of all the waiters and managers at my favorite restaurants. I did this with ease using the techniques in this book. It is amazing how helpful restaurant staff will be in getting you a reservation in a "full" restaurant when you call them by name and ask how their family is. (Of course I took the time to learn their family members' names). Most people do not take the time to learn the names of restaurant staff, gas station attendants, doormen, bus drivers and everyone else they interact with on a daily basis. What most people do not know is these are the people who could make their lives easier. Benjamin Levy does an excellent job communicating techniques that will last a lifetime!"

- Edmund Bogen


"For many years I've studied memory and related subjects. I have even demonstrated memory by memorizing a magazine. I have over 50 books on memory in my library and none equal this book for teaching how to remember names...It shows you how in an interesting and easy way. Buy the book. You should know that I have no financial interest in this book."

- Bill Tadlock




And there's MORE:

It's Not Just Names!

If you choose, while you're waiting for your autographed copy of Remember Every Name Every Time, you'll receive


FOUR sessions with Benjamin Levy PERSONALLY teaching YOU his methods and techniques -- This is your "QUICK-START" to achieving AMAZING MEMORY!


The "Lucky 13" -- Benjamin teaches you his single most valuable memory tool. A simple technique to remember a list of more than a dozen items order OR out of order, without error, every time! Use this for: SPEECHES...remember every point you want to make!'ll wow the crowd! PRESENTATIONS...a dozen points or more -- flawless! If there's something you MUST NOT FORGET...a shopping list, a "to-do" list of ten or more tasks that you absolutely have to do today, YOU NEED THIS! You'll be set!



The F.A.C.E. Technique -- easy, basic steps for remembering names -- that you can try tonight! It's just that simple -- just that fast! This is the accompanying lecture to the book -- listen to this, and read REMEMBER EVERY NAME EVERY TIME -- you'll never forget a name again!



The N.A.M.E. Method -- advanced techniques to LOCK IN names to your memory forever! This is how Benjamin Levy remembers 200 names at parties, time after time at corporate events. Benjamin will teach you how to remember and recall names again and again, months and months, even years into the future! Set those names in STONE in your memory!



"50" PLUS -- Once you've mastered the "Lucky 13", learn how to expand that list to 20 items, 40, 50, or MORE. This is the method used by Benjamin to memorize over 300 pages of an issue of Fortune Magazine...the day before he was interviewed IN FORTUNE! You may never need to tax your memory like this -- but you can! UNLIMITED MEMORY POWER!


NOTE: Benjamin Levy does NOT have a photographic memory -- and you don't have to either to profit immensely from this course. In fact, Benjamin's memory and retention was considered "poor" before he began to study these techniques. You can do the same. People don't have bad memories. People have UNTRAINED memories. Amazing Memory Secrets trains YOUR Memory.

Summing Up:

-- NEVER forget a name again

-- Never EVER meet someone and five minutes later, say "What was your name again?"

-- Never have to study and beat your head against the wall with "rote memorization" again. Now you can accomplish the same retention, for a much greater time and ENJOY it as you go!

Something else to remember. When you make this small investment, you'll have, at your command, every day, the techniques for which Benjamin is paid --

-- THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS by private individuals and multi-billion-dollar corporations.

The suspense is over.

Download your four INCREDIBLE MP3 recordings!

Then, when the book arrives, CEMENT THIS POWER FOREVER IN YOUR MIND! Your life is about to change.

You'll never embarrass yourself with forgetfulness again.

MORE -- you'll gain the edge of PERFECT memory for names -- and YOU will be MORE MEMORABLE... ...after all, what happens when a "stranger" calls YOU by name?

Don't you think: "Who's that? How's he know my name? Have I forgotten him? I better get someone to tell me who he is -- then I'll NEVER forget it!"


The tables have turned.
With Amazing Memory Secrets!




This a choice you'll never forget. AND a choice you'll never REGRET!
Remembering you,

PS. Still not sure? Sign up for our free 7-day email memory course. And get your bonus download of "The Lost Secrets." If your memory power doesn't triple after the first email, we part friends!

PPS. Don't forget -- you can start improving your memory NOW -- the MP3 recordings will download to you computer immediately, even if it's 3 a.m. in the morning!

PPPS. Learn the memory skills that made Benjamin Levy America's number one corporate entertainer and memory expert -- what worlds will YOU conquer with these skills?

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